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WordPress Optimization

Statistics show that faster loading websites lead to more conversions.

Keep your visitors attention by never making them wait!

It’s worth the effort.

When looking to optimize your WordPress site, here are the main things you should be considering; quality of host, efficiency of theme, cache, CDN (Content Delivery Network, so your images, css, js files are loaded from a server near the visitor), GZip compression, well coded plugins, optimization of the database, properly sized uploaded images, deletion of unneeded post revisions, spam reduction, turn off pingbacks, css in head js in body, and using a responsive design.

As you can see there are many things you can do to increase the load time of your WordPress site. You might want to contact us to conduct these optimizations for you. Each element is tricky and it can be a daunting mission!

It takes time to get your WordPress site optimized to load quickly, but that is time that your visitors will save when viewing your site.