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If not, we can recommend a good host based on your needs.
What products/services do you offer?
It’s okay either not to have a slogan or have one (even simple one).
Be as precise as possible in the definition of the industry you operate in.
How your products/services helpotherpeopletosolvetheir problems, in what ways?
What are the advantages of your products/services/working experience? Something that differentiates you from your competition? Reasons customers should choose you rather than your competitors? It might be that you’ve been in business twice as long as any of your competitors or that your customers stay with you for an average of five years, you offer excellent service, you have the best products on the market, you have the best prices on the market, etc.
E.g. client testimonials, product comparisons/reviews, feedback from clients, some other proof of excellence.
You need to have a professional e-mail address but it would also beuseful to have a backup Gmail address in case your business e-mail address is not accessible for any reason(s). All your business emails can be forwarded automatically to your Gmail address that can serve as a backup solution for business mails.
What is your motivation for getting in touch with us? Do you want our help building an app, marketing, design, all of the above?