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Points based ad exchange
Text based ads are delivered via javascript, when clicked on the publisher gets a point. That point then causes their ad to show on other members sites until it gets clicked on.
Store locator with maps integration
With a database full of store address\', created a page for users to enter their zip code then submit to find a list of stores closest to them. Each store was then displayed on google maps with offer to provide directions.
Virtual currency
The client wanted to move their existing local community currency onto an online database driven website. Built this using a php framework and created full functionality for a transaction ledger, network wide issuance, and online transactions.
VIN API for used car sales
For a used car selling website, created a form that integrated with vehicle identification number database (via API) and pulled the details of the car according to the VIN and some select options. Users are able to post a detailed listing about their vehicle using the VIN API listing form.
Phoenix dollar payment plugin
Phoenix dollar was a silver backed virtual currency. Built a payment plugin for oscommerce so their users could accept Phoenix dollars on their e-commerce sites.
Points based link exchange
For bloggers to exchange links but not directly, a point would be awarded for each link pointing to another members site then that point got the user a link to their site from some other member. Built the entire system from scratch, including a scraper (curl/cron) to verify the links were placed and still in place.
Goal setting mastermind groups
Site includes goal setting and tracking, habits, and project management. Includes a social network for sharing goals, freelance section, forum, and coaches directory.
Barter exchange site
Social network and e-commerce site with barter listings, trade credits, and an affiliate program. Mytradegroup makes every member into an affiliate and can be joined by invitation only (requires signup code). The system lets members barter and trade.
Haggle for deals
E-commerce site with directory, listings, trade credits and option for users to haggle with each other. A buyer can make an offer and sellers can counter-offer (back and forth negotiating) until a deal is made.
Personal wellness tracker
Client wanted a customized system for users to get points for exercise, drinking water, and eating healthy. There are teams, coaches, health blog, recipes, and personal advice from coaches. Shurwellness was built for corporate health plans to reward employees for healthy lifestyles.
Synchronize calendars
Client wanted the events from their sites Jevents calendar synchronized to their agents calendar in the CRmery CRM extension. Created functions for create, edit, and delete to reflect on both calendars regardless of which calendar the changes were made.
Joomla multi-sites
Integrated over twenty Joomla sites into the same users table, so users only had to register/login once in order to use all twenty sites. Did this using this extension: