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Stripe Update Subscription Price

The Stripe dashboard is amazing and considered by many to be best in class. It’s certainly hard to find a payment processing service with anywhere near comparable dashboard. But after countless projects building custom Stripe solutions for folks and their business, it has become clear that updating subscription price for all existing subscribers is one thing the Stripe dashboard can’t do.

Three times now we’ve been hired to update subscription prices on Stripe for existing subscribers ( let’s face it, prices for most things are going up ). The basic strategy for doing this is as follows;

Call the Stripe API and update subscription price id.

Now I’m here imagining that in 2023 many companies are needing to update subscription price on Stripe for existing subscribers. Therefor, we’ve spun up an app that will handle this for you. Simple enter the price id you with to change, and the price id you wish to change it to. The app then makes the required API calls and updates subscription price on Stripe.

If you’re reading this part here right now, the app to update subscription price on Stripe is not fully setup for SaaS ( software as a service ), so if you’d like to use the tool please book a call.

If you only have a small amount of subscribers and wish to update the subscription price manually, the procedure is as follows.

1 > On the Stripe dashboard, create the new price on the corresponding product.

2 > Copy that price id from the price you’ve just created

3 > Go to each subscription that has the old price and replace it with the new.

But if it’s even worth doing, you’re probably doing it in bulk. Note, our tool can update as many price points as you have in your setup. We can also spin up any other Stripe API solution you may need.