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command alias list , massive time saver

On command line using alias can save a few seconds typing. Do that a billion times then that’s a few billion seconds saved. Devs know what I’m talking about. Alias is a tool I wish I had learned as soon as I learned any command line stuff, how many brief moments ( keystrokes ) I could have saved?

In cmder / conEmu , go to settings > startup > environment , you can add alias list there or directly to the user_aliases.cmd file. Here’s some ideas ( or free to steal ) for git and laravel shorthand. Have fun!

gs=git status
ga=git add .
gc=git commit -m "$*"
gpush=git push
gpull=git pull
art=php artisan
migrate=php artisan migrate
tinker=php artisan tinker
serve=php artisan serve
mm=php artisan make:migration
mfs=php artisan migrate:fresh --seed
mc=php artisan make:controller
mrc=php artisan make:controller --resource
paoc=php artisan optimize:clear
mt=php artisan make:test
mtu=php artisan make:test --unit
cdo=composer dump-autoload -o
ci=composer install
cu=composer update
co=composer outdated
nah=git reset --hard && git clean -df
wip=git add . && git commit -m "wip"