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How to Install a WordPress Plugin

WordPress is so beautiful, installing a plugin is incredibly easy. But in case anyone finds this tutorial and needs a guide, here’s how it’s done!

First login to your WordPress Admin area ( enter admin login credentials). Then click Plugins.

On the Plugins page, click ‘Add New’.

Now, we have two choices. We can either upload a plugin (if we have downloaded one to our local computer) or we can install directly across the internet by searching plugins right from our WordPress Plugins page.

If we click the ‘Upload Plugin’, a file browser prompt opens and we select the plugin package file from our local computer. After upload the installation happens automatically.

If we use the search function, the plugins listed in the search results will each offer an install button. For this tutorial let’s install the popular Yoast SEO plugin. So let’s enter that into the search bar and see the results.

You see the ‘Install Now’ button? Click that to install.

Now whichever method we use to install a plugin, we also need to activate it (if we want it activated that is). Click Activate to activate!

You can also activate, deactivate, update, or uninstall plugins from the plugins page. If we go back to the plugins page by clicking ‘Plugins’ from the main WordPress admin menu we will see a list of our installed plugins.

Here is what the Plugins page looks like, with the options mentioned above;

Make sure your plugins are activated (if so desired) and always make sure they’re updated to the latest version for best practice security measures and also for the latest features. You’ve now installed a WordPress plugin.

Good work!