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Affiliate System Affiliate System

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Affiliate system for rewarding your users who refer new members.

Two tiers - so users can end up with a 'downline' of referrals.

Your users can use any URL on your Joomla site for the referring link.

Simply add ?ref=321 (where 321 is their Joomla user id) to any url.

You can also add a field for referrer to the Joomla signup page,

Name the field referrer and have new members add the email address

of the user who referred them. The affiliates component will work that way too.

There's a frontend view and a backend view for affiliates.

In the back end, click the button 'paid' for each referral after you pay.

Note - this component as yet doesn't have a payment plugin,

so just pay your affiliates manually (i.e. - send them a check)

then mark their referrals as paid.

Created 2017-06-04
Changed 2017-06-04
Version 1.0.0
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Created by Omni
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License GNU/GPLGNU/GPL external
Price 5.00

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